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100% Returns

XanEdu’s 100% returns policy means that you won’t have to discount inventory, or worse, take a complete loss. XanEdu has been successfully partnering with campus bookstores since 1999.


Increase Sell-Through

By offering more affordable textbook alternatives, for which your store is the exclusive provider, your store can significantly improve over typical sell-through rates compared to expensive mass-market textbooks.


Low-cost OpenStax

As the preferred provider for OpenStax printed textbooks, XanEdu is excited to offer the lowest prices and best customer service for all hardcover and softcover OpenStax textbooks with 100% returns to bookstores.


Higher General Merchandise Sales

As the exclusive provider for XanEdu course titles, your store will benefit from increased student traffic. This translates to increased sales of highly-profitable general merchandise.

Campus Bookstore Business Review

We have been working with campus bookstores since 1999. We invite you to schedule a time to meet with one of our dedicated bookstore Account Executives, to discuss the future of course materials in the campus bookstore.

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Why Campus Bookstores like working with XanEdu

In addition to offering 100% returns, working with XanEdu means your campus bookstore remains the primary resource for course materials on campus.

XanEdu works with bookstores and educators to customize course materials, which helps control students’ materials costs. Your bookstore is the exclusive provider of XanEdu titles - XanEdu coursepacks and custom titles are not available on Amazon or textbook rental websites.

XanEdu helps bring students back to your store, whether it’s an in-person or online shopping experience. Lower-cost custom learning materials means:

  • Higher sell-through
  • Lower markdowns
  • Higher general merchandise sales

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Why Bookstores Trust XanEdu

Since 1999, campus bookstores and educators have turned to XanEdu for quality, convenience, and innovation in print and digital custom course materials solutions. If your campus is committed to providing your students with relevant, copyright- compliant course materials that won’t stress their budgets, we can help.

Are you in touch with educators at your school who are looking for more affordable course materials for their students? Do you know faculty who might be interested in developing a custom title?

Contact us at 1-888-212-3121 to be put in touch with a dedicated Account Executive who can help your bookstore and school’s faculty meet your unique campus needs.

Key Features for Bookstores

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    Textbook Affordability

    Eliminate low sell-through and markdowns while increasing student value. We’ll help your faculty develop high-quality, affordable, customized-to-course textbook alternatives.

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    Being publisher-neutral, we can clear copyrights of almost any collection of course publications: faculty-written material, previously published content, or a combination

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    Copyright Clearance

    We can clear copyrights for your store. We guarantee full copyright compliance and offer campus indemnification for all XanEdu custom solutions.

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    Custom Readers

    XanEdu specializes in helping faculty and committees create and deliver custom readers for courses such as first-year seminars. Professionally published readers can help meet course goals, and support school branding.

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    Out-of-Print Titles

    Can’t find an out-of-print title? Have you hit roadblocks trying to purchase requested texts because it’s no longer available from the original publisher? XanEdu may be able to help by securing the rights and printing it for your campus.

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    Local Print Solutions

    If you have a long-standing relationship with a local printer, let XanEdu clear copyrights and indemnify your campus while still using your local printer to print coursepacks on campus.

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    Award-winning Delivery Formats

    Our award-winning e-book and cloud-based reader allows students to search, highlight, annotate, bookmark, and collaborate with other learners.

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    Carbonless Lab Notebooks

    Student carbonless lab notebooks, available in 100- or 50-count, are available at great prices. High-quality spiral bound, carbonless duplicate sets includes table of contents, perforated pages, periodic table and other scientific reference tables.

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    Custom Lab Manuals

    More than just copies, professionally published lab manuals customized to your school’s courses and labs, support student success.

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    Semester-length subscriptions to the New York Times, Bloomberg Business and Barron’s can be sold in your bookstore or bundled with coursepacks.

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Whether ordering coursepacks, discussing courseware sold through the bookstore, or learning about how our publisher-neutral approach lets you combine content from virtually anywhere... we'd love to hear from your store.

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Questions? Contact Us

Contact us at 1-888-212-3121 to be put in touch with a dedicated bookstore Account Executive (our team have state-by-state territories) who can help you with your store's unique campus needs.

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