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Tailor affordable learning materials to attract, engage, and retain today’s students.

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Publish original or custom books, design lab manuals or create course packs with ease.

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Be the campus solutions hub for affordability, customization, and student engagement.

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Personalize your materials, collaborate with friends and learn wherever, whenever.

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Helping Educators Thrive

Since 1999, XanEdu has helped educators at more than 1,200 colleges and universities adapt and thrive within the changing landscape of higher education. Our strength lies in our ability to tailor skilled services and technology to the unique needs of individual educators, academic departments, or entire institutions.

Whether you want to publish original material while retaining your copyright, reduce the cost of course materials, or differentiate your institution’s curriculum, XanEdu can help you craft and deliver tomorrow’s education, today. To learn how we can help you, select an educator type below.

Solutions for Higher Education

XanEdu provides a comprehensive suite of intuitive tools, professional services, and respected content for creating engaging and affordable course materials.

8-Million-Item Library


Intuitive Online Tools

Intuitive Online Tools

Expert Editors



Content Development Specialists

Print & Mobile Delivery


Additional Features

Flexible Printing Options

Print locally, or via one of XanEdu’s printer partners.

Digital Asset Controls

Users are prevented from saving additional copies or sharing with unauthorized users.

Easily Integrated

Use our APIs to integrate with your existing LMS or other systems.

Easy and Immediate

No advance technical skills are required. Easily combine existing content from almost any source into a secure and updatable mobile learning resource.

Content Remixing

Recombine your content assets to easily create new custom materials. Simply select items and then drag and drop into the desired order. Nimble will generate a table of contents automatically.

Permissions Management

Withdraw access to content when it is no longer needed.

Engaging User Experience

Our award-winning mobile experience includes highlighting, note taking, bookmarks, cross-device synchronization and content search.

Branded Mobile App

Your school logo can be featured on the mobile app.

Use Familiar Authoring Tools

Simply upload existing content from PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoints, HTML sites, videos and other formats. No specialized authoring tools or technical skills are required.

Usage Analytics

Access user-level reporting on content consumption.