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FlexEd courseware for OER Nursing Pharmacology book becomes available

Nursing Pharmacology is the first in a series of courseware built upon content by Open RN, a provider of peer-reviewed, OER (Open Educational Resource) nursing textbooks. 

ANN ARBOR, Mich.March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- XanEdu, an educational products and services company working with the higher education and K-12 markets, is pleased to announce the addition of nursing education titles to their FlexEd courseware portfolio. Nursing Pharmacology is the first in a series of courseware built upon content by Open RN, a provider of peer-reviewed, OER (Open Educational Resource) nursing textbooks.

XanEdu's FlexEd courseware is an affordable, proven technology platform that begins with free, OER textbook content and leverages experienced educators to curate enhanced content including video, readings, homework, lecture slides, discussion topics and more. The content within each courseware title is carefully designed to guide students to mastery of each topic; FlexEd instructors regularly achieve 90% course completion rates. FlexEd integrates with any learning management system and provides students with study aids, self-assessments and a personalized learning center with text and email reminders. 

Open RN is funded by a grant from the US Department of Education to address the rising costs of textbooks which limit access to education for many students. Open RN textbooks are high quality, peer reviewed material.  They contain active learning tools to assist students as they learn challenging concepts and apply them to patient care in the manner in which they will be tested with the new NCLEX Next Generation test questions.  Because they are open resources, other nursing programs across the country will be able to easily customize to their own specifications and provide free content to their students, compounding the economic impact of the grant.

"Our company is committed to quality, technology-driven solutions that make education affordable and accessible. We are thrilled to bring the benefits of FlexEd to nursing students with the high quality foundation found in Open RN textbooks" remarked John DeBoer, XanEdu CEO.  "We are committed to nursing education and look forward to building affordable, effective FlexEd courseware for the full suite of Open RN titles."

XanEdu is also the print partner for Open RN and will offer the full suite of titles in low cost print versions as they are published. 


XanEdu has been increasing student engagement and enhancing learning outcomes since 1999 by delivering innovative solutions across the education spectrum.  We are committed to advancing the education tools for tomorrow through innovative products and services that meet students' evolving learning styles and incorporate cutting edge technology while maintaining our commitment to affordability and accessibility. XanEdu is a privately held company headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI.

More information can be found by writing OERSolutions@xanedu.com.


The Open RN project is funded by a $2.5 million dollar grant from the Department of Education to create 5 OER Nursing Textbooks with 25 associated virtual reality scenarios.  The project is led by Chippewa Valley Technical College, and the textbooks are being collaboratively written with faculty from Wisconsin technical colleges. The books will be reviewed nationally by nursing faculty, deans, healthcare alliance members, and other industry representatives to ensure the content is current and accurate. Other states and colleges are encouraged to adopt and customize these books for their specific requirements, to save students money re-purposing the high-quality Open RN base materials.  The estimated maximum impact of this project for nursing students in Wisconsin Technical College Nursing programs is $1.5 million annually in textbook savings.  Other nursing programs across the country will also be able to easily "remix" the textbook content to customize their own content, which could potentially lead to even more cost savings nationally.

More information can be found at https://www.cvtc.edu/landing-pages/grants/open-rn

Media contact: Joyce Mueller, Director of Marketing for Higher Education, jmueller@xanedu.com // 800-218-5971 ext. 8000