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Since 1999, XanEdu has helped colleges, universities, school districts and business organizations develop and deliver engaging learning experiences that fit learners’ needs. XanEdu Custom Solutions is made up of the following services and brands:

Higher Ed
XanEdu Custom Solutions helps educators at more than 1,200 institutions deliver affordable and transformative learning experiences by making it easy to create custom course materials. With XanEdu, you design materials around your course, rather than design your course around off-the-shelf textbooks.
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XanEdu delivers innovative Solutions for K-12. We work to create learning materials that fit today’s budgets, curriculum needs, and teacher and student expectations.
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The Lab Library
The Lab Library is an online community of and for faculty from across the country, collaborating to lower the cost of lab manuals. This is where science faculty build low-cost Lab Manuals that work best for their classroom and laboratory. Build, Customize, Share at The Lab Library!
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Custom Book Catalog
Many of XanEdu custom books are sold in bookstores and online, and feature respected authors in a wide variety of topics and disciplines. View the list of XanEdu custom books.

The first fully-integrated print and digital training platform, training organizations can create more engaging training materials while lowering content delivery costs with SharedBook.
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Blog2Print has been helping bloggers create beautiful printed versions of their blogs since 2007. With more than one million blog books printed to date, Blog2Print is the leading provider of custom-printed blog books.
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Author Services
XanEdu publishes custom books authored by faculty at institutions around the world. If you are an author interested in publishing your own custom book, you are invited to contact us to discuss how XanEdu may be able to help.
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The growth and availability of information is reshaping our world and creating boundless opportunity. The ability of educators to engage and inspire students, of businesses to innovate and compete, and of organizations to improve their stakeholders’ well-being depends on delivering the right information to the right learner, at the right time. Contact us to discuss how XanEdu can help you with your custom publishing project.


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