Transforming Your Curriculum To Be Equitable and Inclusive 

Join Dr. Karla Manning, a school diversity, equity and inclusion consultant, to help you  determine where and how your district or school can transform your curriculum to be culturally responsive.

Dr Karla Manning DEI Webinar



If your district is modifying its curriculum to be more equitable, inclusive and culturally responsive, this webinar is for you! Dr. Karla Manning - a school diversity, equity and inclusion consultant - will present a framework to help you determine the extent to which your school’s curriculum is/isn’t equitable and inclusive. The main goals of this webinar are to:

• Inspire thinking about how and what students should learn
• Understand how curriculum can be transformed to promote student engagement and achievement
• Present a set of conceptual tools and questions to support curriculum design that is equitable and inclusive

You can access her slide deck here.

Be sure to read Dr. Manning's blog to learn more about incorporating equity and inclusion in Early Childhood Curriculum.

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