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Every subject has a history – tips & tricks for integrating your teaching with primary sources

Wednesday, May 27  2:30-3:15 p.m. EDT

Primary sources as K-12 cross-curricular teaching tools are often overlooked and underappreciated – usually considered only in the context of teaching history. The reality is there’s an important place for things like government documents, speech transcripts, and original photos across the entire K-12 curriculum including science and math.  In this webinar, NBCTeacher Librarian Connie Williams will cover:

  • How best to introduce primary sources to students of any grade or discipline and why they’re great for promoting inquiry-based learning and critical thinking skills
  • A unique list of free sites that offer primary sources, lessons and other supporting materials to explore and use with students today
  • Tools to “unpack” primary sources

Making Podcasts an Effective Learning Tool Inside and Outside the Classroom

Thursday, May 14 2:30-3:30 p.m. EDT

Whether it’s introducing young children to new people and cultures or giving high school students a first-hand account of the Vietnam War, podcasts use the power of narration to explain and contextualize topics in a simple and entertaining way and can help students develop critical-thinking and imagination skills. 

In this webinar, Dr. Joanne Hunter, Instructional and Educational Technologist, will share:

  • An annotated list of the best podcasts for different age groups, and themed/subject areas 
  • How to use podcasts in class and/or at home in ways that will engage diverse learners and get them asking better, more productive questions
  • Authentic assessments to grade students, including helping participants create their own using guidelines given during the presentation

Techniques for tackling curriculum development during uncertainty

Wednesday, May 6 2-3 p.m. EST

The COVID-19 outbreak is producing many questions about K-12 curriculum that are just now being formed and has made equity one of the most relevant topics of our current time. Educators have been accustomed to designing standards-aligned lessons and pacing guides – but is it time to rethink and redesign the map, and quite possibly tear up the pacing guide?

In this webinar, EdTech Specialist/instructional coach Dr. Elaine Roberts will discuss how:


  • standards and power standards shape our approaches
  • equity informs our curriculum and the level to which we are able to blend
  • we might reimagine what learning looks like, sounds like, and feels like

Strategies for differentiation, flexibility, accommodation, and assessment

Wednesday, April 29 2:30-3:30 p.m. EST

Some of the biggest challenges for planning a blended-learning curriculum are incorporating hands-on learning, addressing questions from students with limited technology, and accounting for EL and SPED students, to name a few.

Join EdTech Specialist/instructional coach Dr. Elaine Roberts who will share best practices for tackling these challenges – and more. Attendees will come away with strategies and resources that:


  • allow for flexibility as well as differentiation and accommodations
  • provide choices for assessment
  • showcase student learning with limited technology

Utilize open educational resources for remote learning

Tuesday, April 21 3-3:30 p.m. EST

The rapid transition to remote curriculum is raising a lot of questions about OER and K-12 curriculum including: Where do I start? How do I determine if the resource is appropriate? Can I build an entire curriculum using OER? Join OpenStax Director of K-12 Curriculum Andrew Giannakakis who will share:


  • the biggest barriers to adopting OER
  • how open licensed textbook provider OpenStax helps educators overcome them
  • a curated list of high-quality, curriculum-aligned resources

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