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The ABCs of XanEdu’s K-12 CustomBooks

  • Assemble: Choose your ideal content from any source. Or let our content development team produce it for you. We manage the copyright permissions process so that you can provide the highest-quality materials risk-free.

  • Build: Our experts transform your content into polished CustomBooks that meet the unique needs of your students.

  • Circulate: Scalable, convenient print and digital distribution services enable implementation with fidelity.

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Assemble → Build → Circulate

XanEdu’s expert team of editors, designers, copyright permissions managers, and distribution specialists can help you tailor the perfect custom materials at any scale, during any step of your project, at the school, district, or state level. Learn more about customizing with us.

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Customization is in our DNA

Whether you're a district that wants materials created specifically for your students, or you're seeking new opportunities to share your own content, we'll craft solutions tailor-made for you. Explore our partner solutions.


Find a Classroom-Ready Book

XanEdu also offers ready-made books you can select and, in certain cases, customize for your own classroom. Each is distributed by XanEdu and authored by faculty at institutions around the world. Explore our catalog.

Interested in publishing your own custom book? We can help with that too. Use our contact form or send us an email to get started.

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Explore Our Resources

We’re delivering a better approach to K-12 education materials with CustomBook solutions. Explore our case studies, white papers, and webinars to learn more.


XanEdu helps our partners overcome a wide range of tough curriculum challenges. We give control back to content creators and educators, helping them deliver relevant, meaningful learning experiences while addressing the issues of equity and access.

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Let our experts transform your learning experiences

  • Customization

    Let's talk about customization! Building your CustomBook is a simple-yet-thorough four-step process—and you get XanEdu support before, during, and after.

    Learn More

  • Copyright Permissions

    Curriculum materials often benefit from the inclusion of high-quality, copyrighted materials. Don’t worry about compliance—XanEdu manages the entire approval process.

  • Design and Editorial

    Pulling content from various sources is time-consuming and takes educators away from their core responsibility. Our experts bring together your custom materials and present them with professional, classroom-ready design.

  • Key Resources

    Don’t go at it alone. Use our webinars, case studies, and more to learn more about copyrights, challenges our partners have overcome, and how to customize content.

    View Resources

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Solutions you can use off the shelf or customize to fit your needs

ELA Guidebooks from Louisiana Department of Education

ELA Guidebooks from Louisiana Department of Education

This English language arts curriculum for whole-class instruction was made by teachers for teachers. The guidebook units ensure all students can read, understand, and express their understanding of complex, grade-level texts.

Learn More
Odell Education High School Literacy Program

Odell Education High School Literacy Program

The Odell Education High School Literacy Program inspires creativity, builds knowledge, and enhances skills. Our instructional units empower students to pose questions, reflect, and evolve as independent thinkers and engaged participants. A Texas version is also available.

Learn More
Student Achievement Partners

Student Achievement Partners

This collection of text sets focuses on helping students build knowledge and vocabulary through a high volume of reading on a single topic.

Learn More
OpenStax™ High School Textbooks

OpenStax™ Textbooks

More than 30 free, peer-reviewed digital textbooks cover math, science, business, AP Biology, AP Physics, and more. Schools and districts can customize and distribute these textbooks, in print or digitally, at scale.

Learn More
Social Studies Cornerstones from District of Columbia Public Schools

Social Studies Cornerstones from District of Columbia Public Schools

This curated collection of high-quality tasks, along with resources to implement these tasks, engage students in the work of historians, geographers, economists, and political scientists.

Learn More

How We Make it Easy for K-12

  • Publisher-Neutral Freedom

    Publisher-Neutral Freedom

    Choose any content, any source, copyrighted or OER—the options are limitless. Select the perfect content to engage your students and ensure they succeed.

  • Scalable Distribution Options

    Scalable Distribution Options

    We make distribution easy and scalable at any size—local or national. With our flexible purchasing and delivery options, there’s a solution for everyone.

  • Cost Control & Access

    Cost Control & Access

    Create a CustomBook for any budget—really. You control the content selections and production options, so you control the cost and improve access for students.

  • Easy, Flexible Formats

    Easy, Flexible Formats

    Choose the best format for your students: print, digital, or hybrid.

  • Worry-Free Copyrights & OER

    Worry-Free Copyrights & OER

    Whether you're creating an OER curriculum or a private version, you’ll need to include high-quality, rigorous copyrighted resources. XanEdu manages the complete copyright licensing process to protect your school, district, or organization from risk.

  • Expanded Impact

    Expanded Impact

    Whether created as OER or not, if you choose, XanEdu can help you share your resources with other educators locally or nationally.

  • Increased Time Educating

    Increased Time Educating

    CustomBooks simplifies curriculum implementation for teachers. Reduce teachers' time spent searching repositories and photocopying relevant content while also improving the consistency of implementation.

  • More Relevance

    More Relevance

    Engage your students in more meaningful ways by providing up-to-date content on current events, regional or local content, content aligned to your student demographics, and more. With CustomBooks flexibility, you can provide the optimal learning experience and revise it as your students' needs evolve.

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Don't Take Our Word For It

Read what your peers are saying about working with XanEdu

“Ultimately this is about equity and growth. What we see when schools are fully implementing XanEdu’s custom Guidebooks is that students are more engaged and take more ownership of their learning, which we know are true indicators of success.”

– Raquel Darling-Greer, Literacy Advisor for High School

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Take back control of your instructional materials, lower costs, and improve outcomes. Use these solutions off the shelf or customize them to fit your students' needs.

ELA Guidebooks

An English language arts curriculum for whole-class instruction—made by teachers for teachers

Odell Education High School Literacy Program

Instructional units that empower students to pose questions, reflect, and evolve as independent thinkers

Student Achievement Partners

A collection of text sets focused on helping students build knowledge and vocabulary through a high volume of reading on a single topic

OpenStax High School Books

More than 30 free, peer-reviewed digital textbooks ideal for K-12 classrooms

Take back control of your instructional materials
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