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Take Back Control of Course Materials

Create materials tailored to your students while lowering costs and improving outcomes.

The ABC’s of XanEdu’s CustomBooks

Assemble: Choose your ideal content from any source. We manage the copyright permissions process, so that you can provide the highest quality materials, risk free.

Build: Our experts transform your content into polished CustomBooks that meet the unique needs of your students.

Circulate: Scalable, convenient print and digital distribution enables implementation with fidelity.






















CustomBook Catalog

Our catalog offers educators CustomBooks that can be adopted or modified to meet your unique curriculum needs.


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Content assessment and development

Content Development

Our team of subject matter experts become an extension of your curriculum team. We seek to understand your requirements, then locate or create the perfect content for your CustomBooks.



Learn more about copyrights, challenges our partners have overcome, and how to customize content. Explore webinars, info guides, case studies and more.


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Customize With Us

XanEdu is here to customize the perfect materials for your needs. Let’s talk about creating custom solutions for your schools today.



Choose any content, from any source, copyrighted or OER. The options are limitless to select the perfect content to engage your students and ensure they succeed.

Scalable Distribution Options

We make distribution easy and scalable at any size – local or national. We’ve got you covered with flexible purchasing and delivery options.

Cost Control & Access

Create a CustomBook for any budget. By controlling the content selections and production options, you ultimately control the cost and improve access for students.

Flexible Formats

Choose the ideal format for your students: print, digital or hybrid. Students have the ability to take and even share notes in all formats.

Copyrights & OER

Even OER curriculum may need to include rigorous copyrighted resources. XanEdu manages the complete permissions process and protects your school, district, or organization from risk.

Extend Your Impact

Whether created as OER or not, XanEdu can help you share your resources with other educators, locally or nationally.

Increase Time Educating

Delivering packaged CustomBooks simplifies curriculum for teachers. Reduce teachers’ time spent searching and photocopying relevant content.


Engage your students by updating your CustomBooks. Update your CustomBooks as frequently as you would like.

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