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Create learning materials that fit today’s budgets, curriculum needs, and
teacher and student expectations.

Traditional publishing processes no longer support the needs of educators today. A more flexible solution is required to deliver high quality content in a cost effective way. That’s XanEdu!

XanEdu empowers teachers by simplifying the curation and adoption of both copyrighted and non-copyrighted classroom materials such as readings, labs, handouts, etc. As you tailor your curriculum, you can select any content you’d like (e.g. book excerpts, magazines, newspaper articles, web pages, etc.). XanEdu clears the permissions, produces in the format you want (print, digital or hybrid) and distributes anywhere at any scale.

“The Louisiana Department of Education designed these guidebooks to be practical and teacher-friendly.
Our partnership with XanEdu allows us to make good on that commitment.”

-Rebecca Kockler, Assistant Superintendent of Academic Content, Louisiana Department of Education

Solutions for K12

Create learning materials that fit today’s budgets, curriculum needs and teacher and student expectations.

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XanEdu has partnered with state departments of education and other exceptional organizations to offer complete ready-made ELA curriculum and text sets for K12. The Louisiana Department of Education and Student Achievement Partners (SAP) chose XanEdu to deliver the readers for their ELA curriculum. The readers include copyrighted content that is aligned to the overall open curriculum.

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This solution is for curriculum developers who know exactly what content they want but would like help clearing permissions and producing materials at scale. We can help you with any content from texts, readings, labs, to student handouts.

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The Lab Library is an online community of and for faculty from across the country, collaborating to lower the cost of lab manuals. Share, Build, Customize at The Lab Library.

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Capabilities at a Glance

XanEdu provides a more flexible solution to deliver high quality K-12 content in a cost effective way.

Flexible Production Options

Print materials at scale and on budget.



Time Savings

Stop spending hours in front of the copy machine.

Cost Savings

Professional grade printing and content curation.




Publisher Neutral

Combine content from any source.


Copyright Compliance

Complete copyright indemnification provided.





Permissions Management

Complete clearance and royalty payment management.


Digital Delivery

Deliver content via print or mobile reader environment.




Additional Benefits for K-12

Flexible Printing Options

Print locally, or via one of XanEdu’s printer partners.

Digital Asset Controls

Users are prevented from saving additional copies or sharing with unauthorized users.

Easily Integrated

Use our APIs to integrate with your existing LMS or other systems.

Change Control

When content needs to change, easily push changes to previously distributed materials.

Permissions Management

Withdraw access to content when it is no longer needed.

Branded Mobile App

Your school logo can be featured on the mobile app.