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XanEdu understands that it’s challenging for college bookstores to remain the central resource hub on campus. Our philosophy of Tomorrow’s Education Today works to ensure that college bookstores maintain their status as the place for students to purchase textbooks, coursepacks, and lab manuals.

XanEdu’s bookstore solutions create operational efficiencies for existing custom material and course packs, including providing 100% returns policy. But that is just the first step. We also provide solutions to increase sales including a textbook affordability solution and a technology platform where faculty can discover new course content.

XanEdu is committed to helping bookstores adapt and thrive in the rapidly-changing retail environment. Download our offer “Modern Marketing Made Easy for College Bookstores” to see how we can help you more.

Solve Affordabiltiy and Become Tomorrow's Bookstore

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XanEdu’s Solutions for Bookstores

Eliminate low sell through and markdowns while increasing student value. We’ll help your faculty develop high-quality, affordable textbook alternatives.

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Our experienced editorial team will guide faculty through the publishing process and help them develop a text perfectly suited for their course.

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If your instructors are relegating their lab manuals to mere copies, they will be delighted by our ability to transform and even publish them.

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Make your store the faculty hub for content discovery, customization and the mobile formats students prefer. Our platform can be branded as yours, today.

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Our award-winning mobile apps and cloud-based reader allow students to search, highlight, annotate, bookmark, and collaborate with other learners.

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We’ve developed on-demand videos, informational PDFs, webinars, and other resources to help you easily promote your custom services and grow revenue.

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A Complete Solution For Your Campus, Delivered Via Your Store

Our comprehensive solution gives you a platform, respected content and professional services to help faculty create and deliver affordable and enriching materials.

8-Million-Item Library


Intuitive Online Tools

Intuitive Online Tools

Expert Editors



Content Development Specialists

Print & Mobile Delivery



Additional Features

Content Remixing

Recombine your content assets to easily create new custom materials. Simply select items and then drag and drop into the desired order. Nimble will generate a table of contents automatically. 

Easy and Immediate

No advanced technical skills are required. Easily combine existing content from almost any source into a secure and updatable mobile learning resource.

Permissions Management

Instructors can withdraw access to content when it is no longer needed.

Easily Integrated

Use our APIs to integrate with your existing LMS or other systems.

Flexible Printing Options

Print locally, or via one of XanEdu’s printer partners.

Use Familiar Authoring Tools 

Simply upload existing content from PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoints, HTML sites, videos, and other formats. No specialized authoring tools or technical skills are required.      

Engaging User Experience

Our award-winning mobile experience includes highlighting, note taking, bookmarks, cross-device synchronization, and content search. 

Digital Asset Controls

Users are prevented from saving additional copies or sharing with unauthorized users.

Usage Analytics

Instructors can access user-level reporting on content consumption. 

Branded Mobile App

Your store’s logo can be featured on the mobile app.