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Getting Started

Opening secured documents and Course Packs (DRM protected)

What application and settings do I need in order to open secured XanEdu documents?

To open secured XanEdu documents on a desktop or laptop computer, you must use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat 7.0+, with minor changes made to the preferences settings. Follow the step-by-step directions outlined on our DRM pages to get the free Adobe Reader and make your settings changes.If you’re using a Mac and your document opens in Apple Previewfollow our step-by-step directions to change the default PDF viewing application to Adobe Reader/Acrobat 7.0+

IMPORTANT: On download, if your document opens automatically in a web browser window (e.g., Chrome or Safari) and you see a message that says “Accessing Your Secured Content”, or it opens automatically in a program other than Adobe Reader/Acrobat 7.0+, follow the directions for specifying your default PDF viewer. Then use Adobe Reader/Acrobat to open and view your document.

View the DRM info section for more information about digital rights management and opening secured XanEdu documents.

Access key is already used message

I tried to use my access key, and the system tells me that it is already used. What should I do?

If you used the key when you registered, the Course Pack is already in your account. You do not need to use the key again. Go to www.xanedu.com and log in. You’ll see the title listed under My Course Packs. Select it and click the View Selected Course Pack button. You’ll be taken to the table of contents, where you can choose the article you want to view. If you don’t find the Course Pack in your account, please contact Customer Support using our contact form, by email at support@xanedu.com or call 1 (888) 218-3121. If you cannot remember your username and password, try one of these options:

Purchasing and accessing Course Packs

I’ve never used Xanedu. How do I purchase and access my Course Pack through a XanEdu account?

  1. Go to the Student Sign Up page at coursepacks.xanedu.com/register
  2. Enter the required information. 
  3. If you are in the US, and you are attending a distance learning institution, under the State/Province of your institution, select DISTANCE LEARNING. Otherwise select the state in which the school is located.
  4. You can purchase a Course Pack after logging in, but if you have purchased a Course Pack and already have an access key, you can enter the access key to add the Course Pack to the account that you are creating. If you do not have a key, you can get one later at your bookstore and add it to your account to access your Course Pack. 
  5. Click the Submit button. If you filled in all of the required fields, you will see a confirmation screen. You can now log into XanEdu.
  6. If you do not have an access key, and have been instructed to purchase your Course Pack through XanEdu, click the Buy a new CoursePack button beneath the My Course Packs list box.


Accessing course materials through an LMS

How do I access my XanEdu course materials through my school’s learning management system (LMS)?

Follow the steps below to access your course materials. If you were provided with a link that automatically downloaded materials to your computer and are experiencing difficulty opening your document, follow our directions for opening secured documents

  1. Through your school’s LMS, navigate to the XanEdu page that shows your course materials. 
  2. On the page where your Course Pack contents are displayed, either choose the article title you wish to view, or look for the “Download” button at the top of the screen (this button is only displayed for particular Course Packs).
  3. Another page will open, select the ‘Download PDF’ button.
  4. The next screen will indicate that the content is downloading, please do not close this window until your course pack has finished downloading.
  5. Depending on your system set up, a dialog will open asking if you would like to open the file in Adobe Reader/Acrobat, select “Open with”. If the dialog specifies a different application, please select Adobe Reader/Acrobat (the file will not open successfully in another application). If you don’t have Adobe Reader/Acrobat, select the “Save File” option and follow our directions for opening your course pack with Adobe Reader/Acrobat.
  6. Acrobat will open next and you may see the following message—click “Yes” if it appears.

Please note, if your document opens to a page with a message on it that says “Accessing Your Secured XanEdu Content” please give the content a chance to download before closing the document. The amount of time the message is displayed depends on the size of the document. Once the content has opened, save it to your desktop by going to the ‘File’ menu and selecting the ‘Save As’ option. This will ensure that you will not only retain access to the file, but you will not have to log in to XanEdu and re-download the content each time you want to access it.

Course Pack not appearing in an account

I don’t see my Course Pack listed in my account, even though it was there before. Where did it go?

Make sure you are logging into the correct account. Many times students have created multiple accounts and have mistakenly logged into the wrong one. If you do not know whether you have multiple accounts, or if you know that you have logged in to the correct account, please contact customer service

Capella (Regis, Jones International): Course Pack not appearing in account

I attend Capella (Regis, Jones International) and I cannot find my Course Pack in my account. I purchased it from you (XanEdu). What should I do?

All students from Capella must purchase their Course Packs from MBS Books. MBS either sends an access key via email (if the Course Pack is online only) or in the same package as the printed copy. You will need to take that access key and enter it into your XanEdu account. Once you have done that, you will have access to your digital Course Pack.If the print option is grayed out on a Digital-Only pack, and you are using Adobe Reader/Acrobat 7.0+, please follow the instructions below:

  • Close all browsers
  • Open Adobe Reader/Acrobat 7.0+
  • Open Preference: (Windiows) Edit > Preferences; (Mac OS) Acrobat > Preferences
  • Uncheck the following options:
    • General: “Enable protected mode at startup”  
    • Internet: “Display in browser”
  • Open your article

Institution/school does not appear as an option when creating an account

I’m trying to create an account and I can’t find my institution in the drop down list, what should I do?

If you’re taking online classes from a distance learning institution (e.g., Capella University), when creating your account, choose Distance Learning from the top of the State/Province of your Institution drop down menu, and then you’ll be able to find your institution on the institution list. StateProvidence

If you’re taking online classes from a school that has a physical campus, you’ll need to select the state in which the school is located in the State/Province of your Institution drop down menu. For example, UCLA-Extension appears in the Institution menu when California is selected.



Accessing XanEdu Content on tablet devices

How do I view my course materials on an iPad or Android tablet?

If you purchased your course materials from XanEdu, follow the tablet directions below for either Learning Management System (LMS) access or when accessing directly through the XanEdu website.
LMS Access (e.g., Blackboard) 

  1. Install the free XanEdu app on your tablet (download from the App Store for iPads or Play Store for Android)
  2. Using the tablet’s web browser, log into your school’s password protected LMS. Note: you must be logged into your school LMS, or your XanEdu account, in order to download your material to the XanEdu tablet app.
  3. Locate the appropriate course material link within the LMS. 
  4. If you have not already purchased your course materials, complete your credit card transaction. 
  5. You will then be taken to the course material in the XanEdu Web Reader, where there will be a tablet message open on the screen. Tap the Try Tablet App button.
  6. If you’ve already installed the XanEdu tablet app, tap the Download Course Pack button. Otherwise, tap the Get the App Now button, install the app, then return to this screen and tap the Download Course Pack button.
  7. Your course material will download to your bookshelf. 
  8. Tap the cover to open your course material in the Reader where you can make highlights and take notes to share with friends!

XanEdu Website Access

  1. Complete your credit card transaction first through our website on a desktop or laptop computer, using Safari on an iPad, or in the Android app using the Buy button after logging in. 
  2. Install the free XanEdu app on your tablet (download from the App Store for iPads or Play Store for Android
  3. Select the Download option from the toolbar at the top of the screen. 
  4. Login using your XanEdu username and password. If you do not have one, go to www.xanedu.com and create an account. 
  5. A screen will appear with a list of XanEdu titles that are available in for use on tablets. 
  6. Tap the Download button next to the title you want. 
  7. The title will be downloaded to your tablet’s bookshelf. 
  8. Tap the cover to open your course material in the Reader where you can make highlights and take notes to share with friends!

Android devices

What Android devices does the XanEdu Android app work on?

The XanEdu Android App will run on tablet devices with the Android operating system 4.0 and above. These devices include: 

  • Google Nexus (v4.0+)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab (v4.0+)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note (v4.0+)
  • Asus Nexus (v4.0+)
  • LG G Pad (v4.0+)

Web browser support

What web browser should I use to access my XanEdu account and the XanEdu Web Reader?

XanEdu is committed to developing powerful, easy-to-use features in our products. We strongly recommend that you use the latest versions of Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. While you may be able to access XanEdu products with older versions of these browsers, you may miss out on some important features. Although XanEdu Customer Service is always available to help you interact with our products, they will not be able to solve all issues associated with older browsers.


Black pages are printing instead of Course Pack content

If black pages are printing instead of content, what should I do?

The document may not have been fully unlocked. Close and reopen the document making sure that all of the content can be seen. Print off one page of the document to test if the issue has been resolved prior to printing the entire document.

Content won’t print

I cannot print some of my content. Why is this happening and what can I do?

If you purchased the digital option with print copy mailed to you, you will not be able to print DRM-protected articles.

Nothing is printing, or gibberish appears on pages

When I try to print a PDF, either nothing prints or I get gibberish on the page. Why is that?

First, if you’re viewing your course material in PDF format on a laptop or desktop computer, the document has to be open in Adobe Reader/Acrobat 7.0+ in order to print. If you’re viewing the course material in PDF format in a web browser, save the PDF to your laptop or desktop computer and open it in Adobe Reader/Acrobat 7.0+ in order to print.

Next, in the Adobe print dialog, enable Print as Image. If you are using Adobe Reader 8.0 and up, click Advanced—this option will appear in the print settings dialog box.

If you have a slow connection, or if the file is extremely large, you may need to print your article 5–10 pages at a time using the page range option on the print dialog. We recommend printing on a laser printer and not an ink jet printer due to the large size of many of the files.

Error Messages

Error processing message

I’ve received a message while trying to access my course materials through the website saying an error occurred while processing the request. “Error retrieving your session information.” What should I do?

It’s likely that you need to clear cookies and temporary internet files from your web browser. Follow the steps below for either Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Internet Explorer

  1. Open your browser, select Internet Options from the tools menu. 
  2. On the general tab, click Delete Cookies to clear all cookies, and click Delete Files to delete any temporary internet files. 
  3. Close all open browser windows, then reopen a new browser window.


  1. Open your browser. 
  2. Select Clear Recent History… from the History menu.  
  3. Set the “Time range to clear” to Everything, and in the Details section, check the boxes for Cookies, Cache, and Offline Website Data
  4. Next, click the Clear Now button. 
  5. Close your browser, and reopen it. 

Once you’ve cleared the files and cookies, log back into your account. If you’re still unable to access the articles and are behind a firewall (e.g., using a computer at work), you may need to disable the firewall or try accessing the content from a different location (e.g., a personal computer at home).

“Runtime Error” in Adobe Reader or Acrobat

“What should I do if I receive a “Runtime error when opening a Course Pack?”

The installed copy of Adobe Reader or Acrobat may be corrupt. Run a repair install by doing the following: 

  1. Press the Start button on the taskbar, then click Control Panel
  2. Find and click Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs for Windows XP)
  3. Select Adobe Reader or Acrobat from the list, then click the Change button above. 
  4. Choose the repair option and follow the instructions.

XanEdu Customer Support is Available to Help You

Monday–Friday, 8AM–5PM (EST)