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Foundational Instruction for Reading Excellence (FIRE) Logo

High quality instruction for every student.

In partnership with LDOE since 2016

  • Improve Literacy Outcomes

    It’s no secret that reading is a struggle for many of our students. To help improve literacy outcomes, XanEdu is thrilled to partner once again with LDOE to provide the highest quality instruction for every student through FIRE.

  • What is FIRE?

    Foundational Instruction for Reading Excellence (FIRE) provides a systemic, explicit reading foundation program for all students in grades 3-5. Each unit consists of 40 lessons focused on either spelling, grammar, or morphology. Lessons are organized to provide systematic, explicit instruction in these skills so that students are equipped to read, comprehend, and write about the increasingly complex grade-level texts that anchor their primary ELA instruction.

  • Bring FIRE to your Classroom

    XanEdu is proud to be the sole print provider of the Louisiana Department of Education’s FIRE program. Explore the content below to learn more.

About FIRE Materials

  • Instruction is focused on three key areas: advanced spelling patterns, morphology, and grammar.
  • Each lesson is designed to be engaging and optimized for 10-15 minutes of interactive instruction.
  • Support is provided for both students and teachers, including an overview of the skill and support for diverse learners.
  • Every unit features two skills check-points to assess students on the skills targeted in that unit.
  • Lessons are designed for whole-group instruction as a complement to existing reading programs, like Guidebooks.

XanEdu offers a full range of printed materials to support the FIRE program. Every unit features a print Teacher’s Guide & print Student Activity Book. Each grade, 3-5, features three units of whole-group instruction.

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FIRE Instructional materials

Questions? Contact Us

If you have questions about the FIRE materials, please schedule a conversation or contact us using the form on our contact page.