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Identify Your Content

With XanEdu, custom books can include virtually any content type, including: 

  • Your original material
  • Open educational resources
  • Articles in the public domain
  • Primary source documents
  • Textbook chapters 
  • Essays, poems, and text excerpts
  • Magazine, newspaper, or journal articles

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Full Copyright Permissions Management

XanEdu experts review all items to identify those that require permission from the rights owners. We’ll manage the entire process—including permission clearance and royalty payments—indemnifying your district from potential copyright infringement and allowing you to use your personalized materials risk-free.

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Design, Formatting, & Layout

Pulling content from various sources means working with a variety of fonts, layouts, and designs. A lot can go wrong. XanEdu’s team of experts brings together your custom material and presents it with professional, classroom-ready design. We’ll work closely with you to determine the sequencing and sectioning of material, cover design, binding type, page size and formatting, and any other custom touches you need for your book.

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Production—Print and Digital

Once you finalize your content, it’s time for production. You choose the format that works best for your students: print or digital. For print materials, XanEdu will guide you through choosing specifications that align with your budget while meeting students’ needs.

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If you choose to print your materials, we have you covered.

As we prepare for shipping, XanEdu will work with you to ensure every box ends up in the right place. You can send your materials to any location, including central district buildings, individual locations throughout the district, and warehouse storage for later retrieval when you need them.

Large and small scale distribution capabilities

XanEdu helps our partners overcome a wide range of tough curriculum challenges. From changing standards and new mandates to gaps resulting from outdated textbooks, we help educators deliver relevant, meaningful learning experiences.

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Step 1: Keys to Identifying the Right Content

  • Prioritize

    Supplement outdated textbooks where you’ve already identified gaps in content.

  • Fill Curriculum Gaps

    If leaders and educators identified new topics, you can easily add them.

  • Think Beyond Your School

    Is there potential for district-wide application of the content you’re considering?

  • Create Supplemental Material

    Support existing strategies with items such as supplemental readers.

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Step 2: Full Copyright Permissions Management

  • Kickoff

    You get a project lead and at least one permissions editor to manage assessment, research, rights holder communication, and licensing.

  • Assessment

    The first step is always assessing content for the likelihood of permission to use and assigning each item as low or high risk.

  • Research & Request

    XanEdu’s expert team of permissions editors are uniquely qualified at tracking down the correct rights holder when rights change.

  • Progress Reports

    Get live visibility to licensing request statuses through regular check-ins so that you have access to your permissions anytime.

  • Indemnification & Authorization Documentation

    We provide documentation summarizing the specific license terms for each item approved for use and the credit lines to include in the published product.

  • Final Approval

    Our customers always have the final approval on what content is licensed.

  • Ongoing Support

    XanEdu will house all of the licensing information and terms for the duration of the licenses so it’s always available if you need it.

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Step 3: Design, Formatting, & Layout

  • Create an Engaging Design

    Make your custom book a page-turner and a head-turner with a unique, engaging design.

  • Meet Student Needs

    Remember to include student needs when thinking about the text. Is there a specific order in which the content needs to be presented? Do you need a larger-sized font?

  • Accentuate and Highlight

    If there are items and areas that need to stand out, we’ll help you find the best way to emphasize them.

  • Keep Original Look and Feel

    We can ensure that items that need to keep their original look and feel, such as maps, are in proper form.

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Step 4: Production—Print and Digital

  • Student Needs

    Create additional white space for notes. Create perforated pages for easy tear-out and hand-in.

  • 5 Binding Options

    Create the optimal experience. For example: coil bound will open flat or perfect bound for higher page counts.

  • Choices for a Variety of Budgets

    We have bindings, trim sizes, paper weights, and cover weights to fit nearly every budget.

  • Digital Custom Books

    Viewable with XanEdu’s secure interactive digital reader, digital custom books give students access to materials from desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.

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Create with Us

XanEdu’s K-12 custom book solutions help you make education personalized and affordable by giving you control to create unique materials based on your specific students’ needs. At XanEdu, we empower curriculum creators to take back control of the content, quality, and costs of instructional materials.

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