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The available books in the series include the following titles:

  • Foundations of Manufacturing: Domain 1 Safety Awareness, 4th Edition
    (Student Guide)
    360 pages
    ISBN 9781711445083
    Retail price $50/each

  • Foundations of Manufacturing: Domain 2 Production and Processes, 4th Edition (Student Guide)
    342 pages
    ISBN 9781711445090
    Retail price $50/each

  • Foundations of Manufacturing: Domain 3 Maintenance Awareness, 4th Edition
    (Student Guide)
    238 pages
    ISBN 9781711445113
    Retail price $50/each

  • Foundations of Manufacturing: Domain 4 Quality Assurance, 4th Edition
    (Student Guide)
    218 pages
    ISBN 9781711445120
    Retail price $50/each

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