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Use FlexEd ‘out-of-the-box’ or customize to your course: our team will tailor to your syllabus and will set it up for you.

XanEdu FlexEd Principles of Management is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of an introductory management course, and covers many concepts including human resource management, strategic management, as well as behavioral topics. FlexEd Principles of Management provides a library of case studies that can supplement the course material, support case-based learning, and or be used for classroom discussion activities.

Thoughtfully designed to minimize instructor preptime, FlexEd Principles of Management provides instructors the freedom to take advantage of customizable content and activities that align with their syllabus, instructional methods, and modalities. The flexible DIY interface makes it easy to customize any content with a simple drag and drop, and XanEdu can provide Instructional Design support to make customizing your course even easier..

This NEW digital platform restores your time to teaching rather than course administration. As a premier OpenStax print partner, XanEdu has designed FlexEd to enhance the OpenStax experience. FlexEd features carefully selected and videos and supplemental materials for each topic, as well as adaptive assessments, homework, lecture slides, and more.   

Student engagement metrics are at your fingertips so that you can provide individualized support, all within the FlexEd platform and, of course, any part of the FlexEd course can be easily customized in real time.

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  • Case Studies: A set of 11 cases with critical thinking questions can be integrated into the course as assignments or used to drive class discussions.
  • Engaging Videos: Expertly curated videos integrated with chapter text allow students to learn the material with the modality that is most natural to them.
  • Practice Tests: Practice tests with instructional feedback tied to learning objective keeps students on track and up to date with their work.
  • Student Study Center: Provides students with flashcards, and study aids, plus a personalized study plan based on self- assessment.


  • Ready-to-use PowerPoints, which are available for customization
  • Lessons Assessments
  • Adaptive Study target specific areas of deficiency
  • Discussion boards tied to video/ media
  • Flashcards
  • Searchable Glossary
  • Grade Book
  • LMS Integration (sign on and grade book sync)
  • Course Calendar
  • In-app Help