Adopt today... and teach tomorrow!

Use FlexEd ‘out-of-the-box’ or customize to your course: our team will tailor to your syllabus and will set it up for you.

XanEdu FlexEd platform enriches Open Educational Resources (OER) with engaging and easy-to-use complete courseware that enhances both an instructor’s teaching and a student’s learning while keeping costs to a minimum.

FlexEd College Success courseware begins with OpenStax’ widely used OER book as a foundation. Experienced educators worked with XanEdu to carefully select and develop videos, supporting materials, activities and adaptive assessments to guide students to mastery of each topic. Instructors can add, delete, or customize any content with FlexEd’s simple drag and drop interface.

Instructors can offer individualized student support through FlexEd’s easy to use dashboard that features integrated text and email communications tools.

Thoughtfully designed to minimize instructor preptime, FlexEd College Success provides instructors the freedom to take advantage of customizable content and activities that align with their syllabus, instructional methods, and modalities. The flexible DIY interface makes it easy to customize any content with a simple drag and drop, and XanEdu can provide Instructional Design support to make customizing your course even easier.

Watch this short video to learn more about FlexEd:

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FlexEd guides students step by step through the course:

✓ Video intro for each lesson
✓ Dynamic self-assessments
✓ Flashcards and study aids
✓ Supplemental materials to increase understanding
✓ Personalized study center with text reminders

90%of students who use FlexEd successfully complete their course!

This new digital platform restores your time to teaching rather than course administration. As a premier OpenStax print partner, XanEdu has designed FlexEd to enhance the OpenStax experience. FlexEd features carefully selected and videos and supplemental materials for each topic, as well as adaptive assessments, homework, lecture slides, and more.   

Student engagement metrics are at your fingertips so that you can provide individualized support, all within the FlexEd platform and, of course, any part of the FlexEd course can be easily customized in real time.