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Full Service With XanEdu

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  • We build you the perfect book and provide personalized service 
  • Our expert editors can help you source exciting new content 
  • Include content from any original source and we guarantee your book is copyright compliant 
  • No one makes it easier for you!  


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Do-It-Yourself with AcademicPub

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  • Build your own book in minutes 
  • Access the largest database of pre-cleared content 
  • Include your own materials and any third party content 
  • Real-time pricing and copyright clearance 
  • Preview your book as you build it 
  • Collaborate with peers 


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All orders include

  • Full copyright clearance services 
  • Access to millions of pre-cleared articles, chapters, research cases, etc.


  • Technical support seven days per week 
  • Customer service support available five days per week


  • Access to a co-op of compilations created by your peers, ready to be customized


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