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XanEdu specializes in delivering affordable, custom campus solutions

XanEdu is committed to providing affordable, customized, and accessible course materials to students everywhere.

OER (Open Educational Resources) facilitates the accessibility of materials for all students, anywhere, anytime. OER textbooks will always be free in digital formats, and low-cost in print.

XanEdu's OER team has specialist training in this field to help two- and four-year college faculty:

  • Creative Commons Licensing Questions
  • Assisting faculty and department teams who are considering OER
  • Remixing/customizing OER source materials
  • FlexEd affordable courseware based on OER content



XanEdu OER Services and Resources Include:

Creative Commons: Our team have completed the extensive Creative Commons certification. We can help guide schools with decisions regarding Licensing, Public Domain, Re-Use/Re-Mixing Guidelines and Parameters, Services, Knowledge

Choosing OER: Webinars and in-person training (post-coronavirus), with Content Development Services Covered in the training, 

OpenStax Preferred Partner: XanEdu is OpenStax's preferred print partner

FlexEd OER based digital courseware: Affordable, course-in-a-box solution enhancing popular OER titles

Faculty Services: Course Material Layout, Formatting, Image work, Copy editing, Table of Contents, Indexing, Proofreading and more.

Case Studies of OER success: Groups like Open RN have teamed with XanEdu to create OER materials that delivers students clean, free downloadable PDF's, with low-cost print solutions.

Library Subscription Service Model: Serving university's with OER needs, we offer full OER textbook development, OER faculty in-service training re. Creative Commons usage rights and content development.

Digital Platform to support OER: Helping faculty source high quality supplemental materials, including quizzes, tests, video's PowerPoint presentations, flash cards, and a variety of other relevant teaching resources.


We have partnered with OpenStax to help college programs and their students access the highest quality customizable OER textbooks available.

Why OER?

Textbook costs have skyrocketed over the past decade, as much 88% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, causing decreased accessibility by students who elect to not purchase the textbook or use an older edition. It can also take several years for textbook editions to be updated with current, evidence based practice. OER textbooks are easily be updated as new evidence-based practices occurs.

OER: Share and share alike

As Open Educational Resources (OER), textbooks are designed to be shared with other programs with few restrictions. The content can freely be "remixed" by faculty and aligned to every colleges' curriculum and state requirements. 

Write to us at highered@xanedu.com to discuss how we can help your school's program access and customize new OER course materials.

Other states and colleges are encouraged to adopt and customize OER books such as OpenStax for their specific requirements, to save students money re-purposing the high-quality OER base materials.

Contact us to learn more

If you have questions on OER textbooks or how you can adopt and re-use these OER textbooks for your school's program, XanEdu is here to help! Fill out the form on this page, or write to us at the email address below, and a representative will be in touch (with no obligation) to discuss your program's needs, We look forward to hearing from you.

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