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Teach reading using a book-based modular curriculum from a variety of outstanding texts.

The Reading Reconsidered Curriculum is a knowledge driven curriculum, consisting of carefully planned daily lessons that are challenging, engaging, and writing intensive.  The curriculum is book based and modular, meaning that a school or a teacher can choose from a variety of outstanding texts at a given grade level to assemble their own scope and sequence for the year.

Within each unit, we identify key vocabulary to support plot comprehension and depth of word knowledge as well as technical vocabulary, like juxtaposition and motif, to support student analysis of literature.

We follow reading with developmental, formative, and summative writing prompts ensuring students get support in sentence craft, idea formation and well-developed arguments about a text.



Student Reader Now Available

  • A student reader is now available to accompany the Reading Reconsidered 7th grade Poetry Unit.
  • The poetry reader includes all the poems in the unit with space for student annotations and analysis.
  • Each poem is provided twice within the reader including a graphic organizer to support notetaking.
  • Students and teachers can now access a collection of beautiful poems in one convenient place.

Product Availability and Pricing

Item ISBN Price
TLAC Poetry Collection 9781711434827 $10.95


Contact us for shipping costs: (800) 218-5971 x6508, or email OrderTLACpoetryreader@xanedu.com

Download a Sample Reader

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call (800) 218-5971 x6508 or email OrderTLACpoetryreader@xanedu.com