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Rover is a dynamic online math homework system that will analyze and guide each student based on their individual problem-solving steps.

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD (PDF) the interview with OpenStax' Editor David Harris, and Rover Founder Kent Fuka

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  • Rover’s sophisticated technology
    Rover evaluates each step a student takes to determine if it lies on a mathematically valid path to the solution then provides personalized hints and feedback specific to the student’s unique approach.

  • Rover grades students’ work (so you don’t have to)
    And since it doesn’t limit students to just one solution path, it can give detailed and effective feedback based on each students’ path. You decide when students need to show their work and how or if partial credit is awarded.

  • Rover provides detailed analytics
    Useful analytics so that you can see how your students are learning and offer tailored support.

  • Affordable, easy-to-use, and ready to run!
    Affordable, adaptive learning tools for mathematics courses that ticks all the boxes.



Rover 2021 prices start at only $29 per student  (regular price $35 per student)

  • Rover is powered by XanEdu's FlexEd digital courseware platform and is based on high quality OpenStax textbooks used by thousands of schools nationwide.
  • Leveraging free OER text keeps students costs to a minimum while providing them with cutting edge adaptive learning technology.

Rover features for instructors:

  • Thousands of assignable questions from OpenStax mathematics texts
  • Dynamic problem generation
  • Additional question types that include multiple choice, open response, and graphing
  • Detailed analytics on student progress

Rover benefits for students:

  • Stepwise® questions that provide step-level feedback and hints to support learning
  • Adapts to each students unique approach to solving the problem
  • Integration with LMS
  • Affordable pricing


Available Math Titles:

  • OpenStax College Algebra
  • OpenStax Algebra and Trigonometry
  • OpenStax PreCalculus

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