The Ultimate Voice


Author: Oral Roberts

Editor: Jan L. Dargatz Ph.D.

Paperback: 220 pages

ISBN: 978-1-50669-980-6

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About the Book

In this book, Oral Roberts, the Pentecostal evangelist whose televised faith-healing ministry attracted millions of followers worldwide, draws from his lifelong relationship with the Lord to share powerful principles for learning to hear and follow the still, small voice of God speaking to a person’s spirit. In this book, Oral Roberts answers many questions about hearing God’s voice – how God speaks to human beings, the difference between hearing from God and hearing one’s own thoughts, why everyone doesn’t seem to hear from God, and more. This book presents a new perspective on what God may be trying to say to the reader. Oral Roberts states that God is speaking, and asks, “Are you listening?”


About the Author

Oral Roberts was an American Charismatic Christian televangelist, ordained in both the Pentecostal Holiness and United Methodist churches. He is considered the godfather of the charismatic movement and one of the most recognized preachers worldwide. He founded the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association and Oral Roberts University.