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The Mathematics of Money

(Third Edition)

Mathematics of Money Cover

Author: Timothy J. Biehler

Paperback: 404 pages

ISBN: 978-1-50669-591-4

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About the Book

This text is intended for use in college-level business and financial mathematics courses. It covers general financial principles and the mathematical tools needed to understand and make use of those principles. It does not assume that students have any particular level of math experience, other than the ability to do basic arithmetic calculations with the aid of a calculator.


About the Author

Timothy J. Biehler is a professor of mathematics at Finger Lakes Community College.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Simple Interest

Chapter 2: Simple Discount

Chapter 3: Compound Interest

Chapter 4: Annuities

Chapter 5: Spreadsheets

Chapter 6: Business Investment

Chapter 7: Investments in Securities

Chapter 8: Retirement Plans

Chapter 9: Mathematics of Prices

Chapter 10: Taxes

Chapter 11: Personal Finance Topics

Chapter 12: International Business