Gorée Island: Island of No Return


Goree Island CoverAuthor: Richard Harrison Gorée

Paperback: 282 pages

ISBN: 978-1-58390-220-2

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About the Book

An estimated 20 million newly-enslaved Africans caught their last glimpse of Africa as they passed through Gorée Island between the mid-1500s and the mid-1800s en route to the New World.

In his first novel, author Richard Gorée relates how the native women of this island—the Signarés—managed to survive and live well within the political, cultural and economic niche in which they were thrust as a result of their mixed lineage. With suspense and mystery, Gorée tells a compelling story of survival and in so doing, unveils a nuance of African history that explores and helps identify the original empowerment of the Black woman.


About the Author

Richard Gorée, a resident of Detroit, Michigan, began his research for this novel twenty-five years ago by tracing his family roots back to the island that bore his name. Upon discovering the historical significance of this island and its inhabitants, Gorée began weaving his research into this very powerful story.