Fundamentals of Logic: An Introduction to Formal Logic

(Second Edition)

Author: Ewing Chinn

Paperback: 280 pages

ISBN: 978-1-58152-980-7

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About the Book

This book is an introduction to the basic system of modern logic, known as first order predicate logic. this book makes an effort to maintain the connection between natural reasoning and the formal presentation of that reasoning, a connection that makes logic possible. It also strives to present a clear and precise understanding of the basic concepts and techniques of logical reasoning. Although the book is written for a one semester course in logic, it is always difficult to cover all the material that constitutes first order predicate logic in one semester. For this reason, while Part One presents the full theory of the logic of truth functional sentences, Part Two introduces predicate logic in three stages.


Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction
Part One: Sentential Logic
Chapter Two: The Language of Sentential Logic
Chapter Three: Sentential Logic: The Truth Table Method
Chapter Four: Sentential Logic: Logical Truths and Principles of Logic
Chapter Five: Sentential Logic: The Method of Derivation
Part II: First Order Predicate Logic with Identity
Chapter Six: The Logic of Singular Sentences
Chapter Seven: Monadic Predicate Logic
Chapter Eight: Monadic Predicate Logic: The Method of Derivation
Chapter Nine: First Order Predicate Logic with Identity