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College Roadmap: Navigating School Affordability and Employment Potential

college roadmap coverAuthor: Quantum Educational Services

Paperback: 70 pages

ISBN: 978-1-59399-611-6

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About the Book

Many prospective students have every intention of continuing with their educations, but do not know how to complete the research that is necessary or know who can be trusted to provide the answers they need. This book, College Roadmap: Navigating School Affordability and Employment Potential, provides guidance on how to choose a school that reflects a student’s areas of interest and that will lead to finding gainful employment after graduation. It also explains the costs involved in a college education and how to find and apply for financial aid.


About the Author

Quantum Educational Services develops success-focused educational resources for students, lifelong learners, and professionals who need or would like to remain current in their chosen occupations. Our company has worked with over fifty colleges, more than thirty corporations, and all major publishers. We have five textbooks in current edition and significant experience in developing both online content and curriculum designed for a face-to-face environments.