100% Student Success: Strategies for Succeeding in College

(Fourth Edition)

100 percent success series student success coverAuthor: Quantum Educational Services

Paperback: 262 pages

ISBN: 978-1-59399-608-6

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About the Book

100% Student Success: Strategies for Succeeding in College is a book that promotes student achievement. It is a book that is different from many others covering the same topic. In addition to addressing the practical student tasks such as note taking and reading strategies, the text encourages students to develop skills such as self-reflection and lifelong learning that will serve them well beyond college. This book also addresses practical concerns of today’s students, such as financial management and balancing life’s responsibilities with school. Students today represent a variety of age groups, backgrounds, learning styles, and personal situations. Many students are returning to school for retraining in a new profession. In addition, technology has greatly expanded the information and resources available to students. The fourth edition of 100% Student Success addresses and appeals to diverse student needs.


About the Author

Quantum Educational Services develops success-focused educational resources for students, lifelong learners, and professionals who need or would like to remain current in their chosen occupations. Our company has worked with over fifty colleges, more than thirty corporations, and all major publishers. We have five textbooks in current edition and significant experience in developing both online content and curriculum designed for a face-to-face environments.