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100% Information Literacy: A Critical Thinking Approach to Academic and Professional Success

(Fifth Edition)
100 percent success series information literacy coverAuthor: Quantum Educational Services

Paperback: 220 pages

ISBN: 978-1-59399-609-3

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About the Book

100% Information Literacy teaches students and professionals how to develop crucial information skills to succeed in today’s academic and professional environments. This fourth edition in the 100% Success series focuses on the skills necessary for 21st century learners and workers. Using hands-on learning activities and real-world applications, the text teaches readers how to determine the nature and extent of information needed to solve a problem, how to access the information effectively, how to evaluate the information found, how to use the information for a specific purpose, and how to communicate the information effectively and legally.


About the Author

Quantum Educational Services develops success-focused educational resources for students, lifelong learners, and professionals who need or would like to remain current in their chosen occupations. Our company has worked with over fifty colleges, more than thirty corporations, and all major publishers. We have five textbooks in current edition and significant experience in developing both online content and curriculum designed for a face-to-face environments.