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Increases learning engagement and mastery while lowering costs.

With an increasing amount of people to train in city, state, and national government, streamlining your approach, controlling costs, and delivering training the way your people want it is more crucial than ever. Allowing learners to access their training materials on their own time and on the devices that are central to their work and lives provides maximum point-of-work learning opportunities.

XanEdu’s Nimble platform is your bridge from yesterday’s printed binders and cumbersome content management systems, to training that provides on-demand access, engagement, and measureable results. No learning curve required. Simply upload your existing training content to your secure, cloud-based library, create tailored training resources, and instantly distribute to the iOS and Android mobile devices, laptops, or desktops that your learners prefer.

Tomorrow’s government is responsive, service-oriented, cost-effective and agile. To find out how you can transform your government training and learning, sign up for a webinar and learn more about XanEdu’s simple solutions for tomorrow’s learning.

5 Moments of Need

How Access and Engagement Drive Learning Innovation

Who We Serve

First Responders
Public health crises and security threats require just-in-time training and on-demand reference. XanEdu can support your first responders at the point of need.

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For today’s teachers, changing government policy means a continuous learning. With XanEdu, curriculum can move as quickly as policy.

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Human Services Providers
Delivering the many forms of support families and individuals need requires ongoing training in public policy developments and professional best practices. XanEdu can help.

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Timely knowledge is essential when security is at stake. XanEdu helps you deliver training and reference material when and where it is needed.

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The Nimble Platform – Easy and Immediate

No advanced technical skills are required. Easily combine existing content from almost any source into a secure and updatable mobile or print learning resource.

Content Remixing

Recombine your content assets to easily create new custom materials. Simply select items and then drag and drop into the desired order. Nimble will generate a table of contents automatically.



Use Familiar Authoring Tools

Simply upload existing content from PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoints, HTML sites, videos and other formats. No specialized authoring tools or technical skills are required.

Secure Digital/Mobile Delivery

Access content when and where it is needed, via mobile apps or a web reader.



Change Control

When content needs to change, easily push changes to previously distributed materials.


Engaging User Experience

Our award-winning mobile experience includes highlighting, note taking, bookmarks, cross-device synchronization and content search.



Usage Analytics

Access user-level reporting on content consumption.

Additional Features

Flexible Printing Options

Print locally, or via one of XanEdu’s printer partners.

Digital Asset Controls

Users are prevented from saving additional copies or sharing with unauthorized users.

Easily Integrated

Use our APIs to integrate with your existing LMS or other systems.


Permissions Management

Withdraw access to content when it is no longer needed.

Branded Mobile App

Your school logo can be featured on the mobile app.