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XanEdu FlexEd courseware + Open RN OER nursing materials
The affordable, NCLEX aligned, course-in-a-box solution for instructors and students!

Developed by nursing experts, XanEdu FlexEd combines with Open RN textbook materials to deliver an OER textbooks + web-based solution that is accessible, designed to keep costs down, flexible. XanEdu FlexEd courseware + Open RN OER nursing materials can enhance student outcomes in any setting.

XanEdu FlexEd’s Open RN series

open-rn-nursing-pharmacology-cover  open-rn-nursing-skills-cover  open-rn-nursing-fundamentals-cover

Additional courses (Mental Health & Community Concepts, Management & Professional Concepts) in the series are coming soon!

Instructors gain access to:

  • Free Open RN series of OER nursing textbooks
  • Assessments, lecture slides and numerous teaching resources
  • Grade book and student engagement reports
  • Quality content aligned to NCLEX success
  • Complete materials make the transition fast and easy
  • XanEdu’s dedicated customer service

Students benefit from:

  • Introductory videos for each lesson
  • Integrated Open RN Textbook and quality, supplemental content
  • Interactive discussion-boards, presentations and assessments
  • Study aids like flashcards and glossaries
  • DailyMed is integrated into the platform
  • An affordable, comprehensive platform

With everything in one place for one price, XanEdu FlexEd offers Open RN NCLEX aligned and peer-reviewed content to help deliver the perfect course for your students.

FlexEd makes the transition easy with all needed teaching materials and XanEdu’s top customer service team for implementation and on-going support. Click here to learn more about Open RN and FlexEd.

See how XanEdu FlexEd makes the transition to Open RN easy!