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Make your existing content consumable for mobile

Publishers, now it’s easier than ever to extend your content to new audiences without losing control or undertaking costly internal technology projects. The XanEdu Nimble Platform allows you to take your existing content and make it ready for consumption via your mobile app.


Imagine all your content easily accessible to your readers and audience though a branded mobile app? Nimble allows for easy change control, so you can push updates and keep your audience informed. Nimble is also searchable for easy access to the information your audience wants. Nimble provides usage analytics to see what content your audience really loves.

Benefits of Nimble for Publishers:

  • Secure Digital/Mobile Delivery via native apps or mobile web
  • No need to re-author, simply upload your existing content including video
  • Partnership with FedEx allows you to Print On Demand at any location
  • Award winning mobile interface engages your audience
  • Usage analytics to see what your audience visits and engages with


XanEdu has always been a leader in educational publishing. And now the XanEdu Nimble Platform takes your publishing to the next level. Nimble offers Content Remixing; publishers can recombine content assets to create new custom materials. Simply select items, and then drag and drop into the desired order, Nimble creates the table of contents automatically.

ContentDevSpecialistsPublishers looking to modernize their publishing and offer mobile content solutions should consider the XanEdu Nimble Platform. Sign up for an online product demo to see how Nimble can transform your publishing content and grow your business.

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