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Delivering content to your members is now easier than ever. With the XanEdu Nimble Platform your existing content can be delivered through the web and to any mobile device, with your logo branded on the mobile app. For less money than you think, you can turn all of the training and content for your association into mobile-ready content for your members.

ContentDevSpecialistsThe XanEdu Nimble Platform is unique in that it takes all your existing content (e.g. PDFs, Word Docs, Video, etc.), easily digests it, and outputs mobile-friendly content that can be viewed online or through any smartphone. Nimble offers you the ability to search all of your content, measure usage and analytics to see what your members really care about, meanwhile delivering it all in a secure and user-friendly manner.

xanedu-icon-moneyNimble can also save money on shipping and printing costs. Since you control the content, your members will always have access to the most up-to-date content that your association offers. You fully control who has access. With our FedEx Office partnership, if you do need materials printed in a certain location you can print directly to any of the 1,900+ FedEx Office locations for easy & free pickup.

Benefits of Nimble for Associations:

  • Secure Digital/Mobile Delivery via native apps or mobile web
  • No need to re-author, simply upload your existing content including video
  • Partnership with FedEx Office allows you to Print On Demand at any location
  • Award winning mobile interface engages your audience
  • Usage analytics to see what your audience visits and engages with

Association members are on-the-go and want to digest your content on their mobile devices. Isn’t it time you modernize your training and content with a cost effective and secure mobile solution? To learn how the Nimble Platform from XanEdu can save money and improve the experience for your association membership, sign up for an online product demo today.

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