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Help Students Naturally Acquire the Spanish Language Through Immersion

Calico Spanish is an introductory Spanish course for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. The program equips teachers with all the tools they need to create an immersion atmosphere where their students can naturally acquire the Spanish language.

Calico Spanish uses a conversational approach. While the program teaches specific vocabulary words, the dialogues and stories generally include additional words that students have not yet learned—a very gentle, immersion approach. Children hear vocabulary and structures repeated in different contexts to promote natural, long-term acquisition. Each Level of Calico Spanish Stories includes eight Units, and each Unit includes 10 core step-by-step lesson plans, along with review days and Culture Capsule lessons.

The Calico Spanish Stories Activities Books supplement the subscription-based Stories program to provide children with a range of practice activities using their new Spanish skills. Each Level’s Activities Book includes 2-3 learner activity pages per unit, song lyrics, and dialogue scripts that accompany that Level. Visit calicospanish.com for more details about Calico Spanish and the Stories subscription options.

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Product Availability and Pricing

The Calico Spanish Activity Books are available with the following print specifications: trim size: 8.5 x 11, black and white interior printing, text stock: 60# white, color cover, cover stock: 100# gloss, bind style: perfect or saddle-stitch.


Contact us now for pricing or with questions at 800.218.5971 x6516 or ordercalico@xanedu.com.


Title 1-29 30 (minimum quantity required) 100 (minimum quantity required))
Calico Spanish Stories Level A Activities $8.50 $7.27 $4.92
Calico Spanish Stories Level B Activities $9.00 $7.55 $5.23
Calico Spanish Stories Level C Activities $9.50 $8.16 $5.80
Calico Spanish Stories Level D Activities $10.00 $8.61 $6.22

* Pricing does not include shipping

Download a Sample Reader

Fill in the information below to download a sample that includes content from from all Student Activity Book levels.

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Questions? Contact Us

If you have questions about Calico Spanish’s Student Activity Books, please call 800.218.5971 x6516 or email ordercalico@xanedu.com.