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What is XanEdu FlexEd ?


Complete Course Materials

A complete course – built from applied social, motivational and adaptive learning research around how people learn


Engaging Video

79% of students look for video when studying. XanEdu FlexEd includes high-quality video introductions supported by in-depth text, quizzes, activities, discussions and more.


Modular and Editable

Point and click editing. Incorporate slides, interactive spreadsheets, flashcards, video, ePub documents, assessments, Twitter feeds and more.


Real-Time Updates

A dynamic platform that allows you to incorporate and update materials in real-time

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Open Educational Resource (or OER) initiatives have become increasingly important as institutions seek to reduce student expenses on their course materials. XanEdu is delighted to introduce a new option for instructors who want to use OER in their courses.

XanEdu FlexEd is a new way to deliver OER course materials to students. It is engaging, affordable, and easy-to-use; the XanEdu FlexEd platform typically replaces a textbook or eBook as well as an online homework manager. The XanEdu catalog includes a range of General Education courses, and the courses are fully customizable by the institution or the individual professor. As a premier OpenStax partner, XanEdu FlexEd is designed to enhance the OpenStax user experience.


For over 20 years, XanEdu has helped educators deliver affordable and transformative learning experiences by making it easy to customize course materials. At more than 1,800 colleges and universities, XanEdu works with instructors to design materials to match their courses, rather than orienting their courses around off-the-shelf textbooks.