The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying & Selling for Retail


Wilson CoverAuthor: BJ Wilson

Paperback: 236 pages

ISBN: 978-1-50669-650-8

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About the Book

‘The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying and Selling for Retail’ focuses on the heart of any retail enterprise: the customer. This book presents a comprehensive guide on the fundamentals of exceptional customer service, fashion knowledge and new customer-facing skills. This book focuses on the significant benefits achieved through seasonal sales and in-store wardrobe planning. In the world of fashion retail, it all begins with an engaged staff armed with robust product knowledge, smart personal style, and exceptional customer service skills.

The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying and Selling for Retail is for those looking for something new – an edge over competitors, a distinctive service for customers, or the ability to better retain employees in a traditionally high turnover industry through professional development. Whether they work behind the scenes or with customers, this book will increase your team’s fashion knowledge and communication skills in ways that will boost revenue and generate greater customer loyalty.

This book is intended for small boutiques, fashion retailers and is also a perfect fit for anyone interested in a successful, lucrative career in the fashion industry. The world of fashion presents a one-of-a-kind blend of styles, opinions, cultures, and much more. No matter what career path in the fashion industry a student chooses to pursue, it will be fast-paced, creative, dynamic, and unique.

Intended for both women and men, this book is accessible for anyone interested in the fashion industry. It is highly relevant for students enrolled in formal courses of study, as well as those who are self-directed. This workbook and practical guide will help students develop the professional skills for a career in any of the following positions:

Apparel Buyer                                                             Image Consultant

Fashion Designer                                                       Stylist Assistant

Fashion Journalist                                                      Personal Stylist

Fashion Retail Manager                                            Personal Shopper

Fashion Sales Associate                                            Retail Manager

Fashion Merchandiser                                               Visual Merchandiser

Fashion Photographer                                               Wardrobe Consultant

Fashion Public Relations Manager                           Web Merchandiser

Fashion Store Owner                                                  Whole Account Managers


About the Author

Fashion specialist and author BJ Wilson, founder and owner of BJ Wilson and Company – A Professional Wardrobe Consulting Firm, has over three decades of experience in the fashion retail industry. Throughout this time, she has garnered expertise as a retail manager, wardrobe consultant, personal shopper, boutique owner, and clothing buyer. Ms. Wilson has grown her business and staff through the in-house development of the BJ Wilson Wardrobe Consulting Process™. For some consultants, the training and work experience gained through their time at BJ Wilson and Company became stepping stones to their own businesses.

BJ Wilson has traveled and shopped in major fashion markets throughout the United States, which has contributed to a hands-on education in how the fashion industry works. Her previous book, The Fashion Expert’s Guide to Styling, condensed her expansive understanding of wardrobe styling techniques into a handy resource for fashion professionals.


Table of Contents

  1. The Building Blocks
  2. Key Retail Team Members
  3. Customer Service
  4. A New Way to Sell
  5. The BJ Wilson In-Home Wardrobe Consulting Process™
  6. Start Your Own Wardrobe Consulting Business
  7. Other Consulting Opportunities