XanEdu is proud to provide print and digital custom publishing services to the California State University System in partnership with the Affordable Learning Solutions program.

The videos below introduce the elements of our offering, including:

  • A full-service option for creating custom course materials
  • XanEdu's award-winning student delivery experience
  • The Do-it-Yourself (DIY) course pack builder with millions of full-text licensed resources

To learn more or to schedule time to discuss a custom project, complete the form on this page and a XanEdu representative will get in touch.

To access the DIY platform right away, go to and select your campus. 
(Note: Sharedbook and Academic Pub are a part of XanEdu)

XanEdu partners with educators and bookstores at more than 1,000 higher education institutions. We deliver affordable and transformative learning experiences by making it easy to create custom course materials. With XanEdu, educators design materials around their course, rather than design their course around off-the-shelf textbooks. XanEdu Custom Solutions - Simple Solutions for Tomorrow’s Learning.