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Leading training organizations trust SharedBook

SharedBook is a XanEdu company that helps Training Firms, Corporate L&D Organizations, Publishers, and Associations meet the demand for digital content delivery while maintaining complete control of their intellectual property.

SharedBook provides a single, easy-to-use Digital Publishing platform that allows customers to upload their existing content, customize it for individual sessions, and make it available immediately, affordably, and securely on any Digital or Mobile device, as well as in print.

The first fully integrated solution built to manage digital, mobile, and print versions in a common platform, SharedBook allows companies to transform existing training materials into engaging mobile-ready eBooks with embedded video and interactive assessments, while continuing to provide same-day printed copies on-demand, anywhere.

Learn how world-class training organizations use SharedBook to meet evolving participant expectations, optimize printing and shipping costs, and empower their trainers and partners by scheduling a SharedBook demo at

SharedBook | Secure Mobile and Digital Content Distribution


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